Best Anal Sex Positions

The position is CRUCIAL when you are having anal sex.
Often times, people associate anal sex with doggy style or rear entry. While this position can be fun and exciting for more experienced butt lovers……. this position can be difficult for beginners.
Most people “think” the best position is for the person receiving it in the butt is to be on top and ride or squat on the penis. The theory is that you have more control over the thrusting, depth, speed, etc. In my humblest of opinions…….. this is by far the worst position for a beginner to try to receive anal sex. Sure – you have all the control – but all the blood is rushing down to your butt.
Consider this….. When the doctor wants to perform a rectal exam, does he ask you to squat down on his finger? NO. He will do one of two things. Tell you to lie down on your side or put your feet in stirrups. Why? Because it takes the pressure off your butthole and makes it easier to relax.
So I say, mimic the stirrup position. Get on your back, prop a pillow under your rear in order to elevate your butt. This allows you to open up.
It’s important to be able to trust the person that is the top when you are in this vulnerable position. However, in my opinion – if you don’t have a relationship that offers this type of communication, honesty, and trust — you probably shouldn’t be having butt sex at all.
Hurts So Good ~ How to Avoid the OUCH!!
Not a lot of people truly enjoy pain. And it can really kill the mood.
It might turn someone off to anal pleasure for the rest of their life.
So, it’s important to take steps to eliminate the pain. Honestly, if
It’s important to know the difference. Some guys might like to
brag that their partner can’t take their unit due to the pain. It’s like
a badge of honor…….. because only a big giant penis would
cause pain right? Yes and no, the answer is complicated. Or
women will comment that they can’t possibly take a penis in the
butt because their butthole is extra small. Seriously??
The worst pain is the outside pain. This is the pain that is typically
associated with anal sex. This is the damage that takes the
longest to heal and is absolutely excruciating. It usually ends up
with butthole being bruised, throbbing, small tears, and rips. So be
careful. This is the pain that most people associate with anal sex.
Outside pain can occur for a number of reasons, but the most common is that the butt isn’t relaxed or the penis is too thick. MOST of the time, outside pain, comes from a man (penetrator) that isn’t really experienced and doesn’t know what he is doing.
Sometimes, outside pain can be caused when a guy’s penis is too small. Because during the thrusting-retracting motion, a small-penised guy usually pulls all the way out and thrusts back in.
This can be incredibly annoying – like your butthole is being bitten by a mosquito.
There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid outside pain.
#1 tip is to relax and to be turned on. You are more likely to be turned on if your partner is doing things that turn you on. I do not recommend numbing creams. That only masks the pain – and you really should be aware of what is going on back there, so you can stop. If everything is right, a man’s penis should literally slide into you very slowly if you are relaxed enough.

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