Anal Sex Misconceptions

General Statistics
~ Our society is more comfortable talking about murder and rape than anal sex.
~ 47% of women have had anal sex.
~ Women who had anal sex first, then had vaginal sex, were able to orgasm 94% of the time.
~ Most anal sex happens in the part of the butt called the anus (0-3 inches). The rectum is 3
inches in. And the lower colon, where feces is stored, is 8 inches in.
~ There are 2 anal sphincters. The external sphincter is voluntary, the internal sphincter is involuntary and can only be relaxed with the mind and time (1 minute).
Most people believe that anal intercourse hurts and that it is always an uncomfortable experience. This is quite simply false. As with any form of intercourse, the anus, like the vagina, must become used to the activity. Any woman who remembers her first time having sex probably recalls a painful experience. In fact, the first couple of times were probably painful and not that enjoyable. Did they stop having sex? In almost all cases, they didn’t. Anal intercourse falls under the same guidelines for both genders; it takes practice to get accustomed to the activity. Pain is usually a sign that something is being performed incorrectly, not that the act is wrong. In most cases, pain is due to several reasons: the receiver is too tense and tightening, the giver is pushing too hard, there isn’t enough lubricant, or that the penis or toy is still too big to put in (based on current experience levels). Using fingers and smaller toys is the best way to get used to the feeling, and it is advised that you increase the size a little at a time. Once you have become comfortable with the idea and concepts you will probably find anal play very pleasurable.
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