Great to see you here. I’m Jayme Barbosa

I founded Rare Retreats with the vision of bringing together a group intent on personal growth. People who will share their knowledge and skills to inspire and enlighten us all. I am a Doctor of Spiritual Development, Sexologist and Relationship Counselor and Active Meditation Body-based Teacher.  My approach to body-mind-spirit work is through a combination of movement, embodiment, dialogue, and spiritual connection. 

I enjoy searching for meaningful purpose in life and the pursuit of wisdom and happiness. I love to learn, listen, and share what I think. I acknowledge that there is always something new to know and a change of mind or circumstance is always right around the corner. 

I offer personal 1-on-1 or couples mentoring packages, online groups and classes, and group retreat training getaways. I have been in private practice since 2009 and would like to expand share and connect.

Doctor of Spiritual Development
Spiritual Counselor
lotus, transparent, blossom
Yoga Teacher
Somatic Sex Educator
Somatic Bodyworker