5 Questions to Ask yourself about your Sex Life

Take some time to sit and really ponder upon the questions:

1. Consider the intimate sexual side of your relationship. How do you feel about your sex life? What do you like? What aspects don’t you like?

2. Are you getting as much sex and connection as you would like with your partner? Or do you feel like you are getting too many sexual demands?

3. If you could communicate what you really wanted sexually with your partner what would you say?

4. If you feel low sexual desire in your marriage ask yourself: Do you feel no sexual desire in general? Do you feel no sexual desire for the sex you have with your partner?

5. Do you feel like you could communicate your wants and desires to your partner?

When you know what you want you have a clearer picture of the why behind many of your actions and choices. I hope this exercise gives you some insight. 

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