Month: May 2020

Fun Orgasm Facts

♥ Orgasms help you breathe easy – literally. As breathing increases to maximum levels, residual air is cleared from deep in the lungs. ♥ Climaxing temporarily improves your complexion and removes the wrinkles. As blood surges through your capillaries, the surface of your skin tightens and develops a rosy glow. ♥ Having one orgasm improves …

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Sexting Tips for Women

How to Sext, my advice….Be honest think of what you would really like or enjoy and let him know that. Guys love to please and feel wanted and they want you to want them and what they have to offer you. So instead of telling him what you want to do to him think about what you would …

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Self G-Spot Massage

My recommendations BlackEmperor Pure G Spot Metal Wand  SVAKOM COCO G Spot Vibrator What and Where is The G-spot?The G-Spot is located inside of the vagina. If you slip your finger inside and just up a little behind the pubic bone, you will feel an area that swells with excitement. Massaging this area will increase …

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4 ways to Relax during Arousal

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine of staying stiff and constricted during masturbation or sex. Since climax is usually a tension and release sensation tension isn’t a bad thing. But when you want to savor arousal and enjoy the ebb and flow of pleasure throughout your body, then you may want to practice relaxation …

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How to do The Ha Breath:

How to do The Ha Breath: This breathwork pattern connects you to the source of all healing and your birthright Grace. You are always surrounded by grace and able to draw upon it freely. Gratitude is action connecting us to grace. Actions such as laughter naturally connect us to grace. Breathwork is another tool by which we connect …

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